IOI Oleochemical

IOI Oleochemical IOI Oleochemical IOI Oleochemical Group, also known as IOI Oleo Group, is a corporation that mainly makes and markets fatty acids derived from palm oil and is based in Malaysia, they are ranked highly as one of the most efficient major plantation owners, generating one of the highest oil yields in the industry, […]

Pharmco By Greenfield

Pharmco By Greenfield Pharmco By Greenfield Greenfield, since 1989 is North America’s largest high-purity alcohol company, offering bulk and packaged ingredients and additives. Under the Pharmco brand, they provide a diverse range of specialty alcohols and bio-based chemicals to quality-conscious and environmentally conscious customers worldwide. The Pharmco brand has come to represent superior quality and service. […]


Oleon Oleon Oleon NV, located in Malaysia specialises in converting natural fats and oils into a wide range of oleochemical products, such as fatty acids, glycerine, esters, dimers, technical oils, specialty oleochemicals and biodiesel. As a leading producer of oleochemicals made from renewable raw materials, their products combine high performance with ready biodegradability. Quality being […]

JOST Chemical

JOST Chemical JOST Chemical JOST Chemicals, founded in 1986, is a cGMP manufacturer of high purity speciality chemicals for the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutritional, food, and other markets. It is FDA-registered and FSSC 22000-certified. They are a global leader in quality because of their capacity to customise products to as per USP/EP/ACS/FCC/GB and other customer-specific criteria. […]


OXITENO OXITENO Oxiteno, headquartered in Brazil and with offices throughout the world, including Mexico, is a global leader in the production of surfactants and specialty chemicals, with a diverse product portfolio for a wide range of applications. Oxiteno’s extensive knowledge of functional chemicals, combined with close collaboration with its customers, enables the company to provide […]


Kimica Alginate Kimica Alginate PMC Isochem, a France-based company that was acquired by PMC International in December 2017, provides custom manufacturing (CDMO) and catalogue products. Their   main market is the production of cGMP intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and excipients for pharmaceutical and personal care companies all over the world. Research, product/process development, regulatory approvals, […]

Kimica Alginate

Azeco Azeco Kimica, a Japanese corporation that manufactures Alginic Acid and all products derived from Alginate. Kimica in 1941 became the successful company to produce alginates on a commercial scale. Alginate is listed in the pharmacopoeia as an excipient, disintegrant, and viscosity agent used in pharmaceuticals. Alginate is used for a variety of purposes, including peptic […]

Kyowa Chemical Industry

Kyowa Chemical Industry Kyowa Chemical Industry Kyowa Chemical Industry is a Japanese company that manufactures Magnesium compounds using a novel and environment friendly technology that extracts its main raw material directly from sea water. Their   products are used in a variety of applications such as industrial (non-halogen heat stabilisers, flame retardants, acid acceptors), pharmaceutical (antacids, […]

Macco Organiques

Azeco Azeco Macco Organiques Inc. was founded in 1986 to acquire the assets of a long-standing chemical manufacturing company in Valleyfield, Quebec, that produced propionates, benzoates, and acetates. Since then, Macco has expanded its capacity several times and shifted its focus to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Macco invented a revolutionary technology in 1988 to […]


SCL Italia SCL Italia Azeco Cosmeceuticals is the leading supplier of cosmetic grade azelaic acid in the world. Azeco, which was founded in 2014, and has a proven track record as a credible supplier with exceptional customer service. They have earned this   honour by providing exceptional purity levels, consistent supply, and exceptional technical and regulatory […]