Citrique Belge

Citrique Belge

Citrique Belge, based in Tienen, Belgium, is a cost-effective, high-quality, service-oriented company that prioritises customer needs while taking ecological and environmental factors into account in all of its decisions. They concentrate on the most dependable and efficient production of high-quality citric acid.

They are concerned for customers’ individual needs, concerns, and requirements and the environment as well.

Citric acid anhydrous and citric acid solutions are produced in accordance with high food and pharmaceutical industry standards. They invariably meet the requirements of the various EP, USP, JP, and FCC specifications and tests. 

Listed products:

  • Citric Acid Anhydrous Fine Granular 51N
  • Monosodium Citrate Anhydrous Powder
  • Tri Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Fine Granular