Dullberg Konzentra

Dullberg Konzentra

Dullberg Konzentra is a German organization that offers essential oils for pharmaceutical applications that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant to ensure the safety and quality of all the products they produce and process.

According to the European Pharmacopoeia, Düllberg Konzentra is the only supplier of high-quality, natural essential oils of the highest purity. They are extracted in accordance with GACP guidelines, remedied in qualified facilities in accordance with certified EU-GMP standards, protected by regular supplier audits with full documentation, and supported by validated processes.

     Essential oils listed below

  • Peppermint Oil USP EP/CEP(GMP)
  • Eucalyptus Perfume Oil
  • Dentarom Spearmint
  • Cumin oil
  • Caraway Oil
  • Cassia oil light
  • Thyme Oil Red
  • Thyme Oil White