Element, a German global specialty chemical corporation founded in in 1844, provides performance-driven additives that aid in the development of innovative pharmaceutical formulations. Luxopharm F211 tabletting diluents are made from pure, synthetic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate. Luxopharm’s unique crystalline structure ensures consistent tableting performance. When the side effects of other diluents, such as lactose deficiency or asthma treatment, must be considered, Luxopharm is the product of choice.

Luxopharm F211 is a specially processed Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate and can be used as a filler in direct compression tablets or as a binder in wet granulation.

Luxopharm F211 ® is an inorganic material that is chiefly used in wet granulations to improve binding properties, especially in classical granulations starch – based or cellulose. It has a high calcium content and can be used as a calcium source in dietary supplements. It also has the world’s largest selection of antacid raw materials and API’s such as Sucralfate

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  • Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate
  • Sucralfate -API