Kimica Alginate

Kimica Alginate

Kimica, a Japanese corporation that manufactures Alginic Acid and all products derived from Alginate. Kimica in 1941 became the successful company to produce alginates on a commercial scale.

Alginate is listed in the pharmacopoeia as an excipient, disintegrant, and viscosity agent used in pharmaceuticals. Alginate is used for a variety of purposes, including peptic ulcer treatment, anti-acidity, disintegration, eye drops, regenerative medicine, and many others.

We have various grades of available with us:

  • Sodium Alginate IL-2 N.F.
  • Sodium Alginate IL-2-150 N.F.
  • Sodium Alginate I -1 N.F.
  • Sodium Alginate I-5 N.F.
  • Sodium Alginate I-8 N.F.
  • Alginic Acid N.F.
  • Propylene Glycol Alginate N.F.
  • Calcium Alginate USP